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December 2021 Newsletter

Wayne Naegele discusses, “PPP Tax-exempt Income Timing and Basis Adjustment Guidance Issued”. Steve Grgas examines, “IRS Releases 2022 Inflation-Adjusted Tax Tables, Standard Deduction, AMT and Other Amounts”. Lee Forman takes a look at, “Guidance Released for Tax Treatment and Reporting Requirements for HAF Payments”.

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November 2021 Newsletter

Brian Whelan discusses, “Temporary, Proposed Regs Authorize Assessment of Erroneous Refund of COVID-19 Employment Tax Credits”. Elias Koumniote examines, “Qualified Sick and Family Leave Wages Reporting Guidance Issued” Thomas Zanata takes a look at, “IRS Reminder for Classification of Workers as Employees or Independent Contractors”.

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September 2021 Newsletter

Presti & Naegele is pleased to announce the launch of their YouTube Channel. Steve Grgas discusses, “Guidance for Claiming Employee Retention Credit in Third and Fourth Quarters of 2021”. Annemarie Aguanno examines, “PPP Direct Forgiveness Portal Created, Loan Questionnaire Discontinuance Explained”.

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August 2021 Newsletter

Salvatore Russo discusses, “Penalty Relief for Certain Pass-through Forms”. Brian Whelan takes a look at, “Farm NOL Election Procedures Provided”. Angelica Farrell examines, “IRS Highlights Website and Online Tools”.

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July 2021 Newsletter

Annemarie Aguanno examines, “Experts: IRS Guidance Needed on American Rescue Plan”. Donald Sager discusses, “American Rescue Plan Tax Credit FAQs”. Lisa Varela discusses, “Child Tax Credit Letters Being Sent”.

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